Copyright FAQs

In the competitive marketplace, it’s essential that you distinguish yourself and your products/services, so that when prospective customers have a need, they’ll seek you out. That’s one of the principal functions of a trademark or service mark.

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Our Copyright Law Practice

We offer proven and effective counsel on all matters related to copyrights and copyright protection:

  • Copyright Registration—We will carefully review your potentially copyrighted materials to verify that they meet the requirements under copyright laws and that they don’t infringe on existing copyrights. We will also prepare and file your application for registration of your copyright so that you become eligible for statutory damages.
  • Copyright Infringement—We represent parties on either side of a copyright infringement action. We’ll fully investigate any alleged violations of copyright and gather and preserve all evidence. We’ll prepare and file all documents necessary to protect your rights and be your advocate in all meetings, proceedings and hearings.
  • Copyright Licensing—We have extensive experience assisting clients with the licensing of intellectual property. We know what needs to be in a licensing agreement to fully protect your rights and interests. We’ll negotiate the terms of a licensing contract, and will review or prepare all documents.