Trademark FAQs

In the competitive marketplace, it’s essential that you distinguish yourself and your products/services, so that when prospective customers have a need, they’ll seek you out. That’s the primary function of a trademark or service mark.

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Our Patent Law Practice

We handle all matters related to or arising out of a trademark concern, including

  • Registering trademarks—We will carefully review your proposed mark, comparing it to all existing registered marks to ensure that it doesn’t cause concerns of infringement . We’ll also ensure that your proposed trade or service mark meets the legal requirements for registration. We will prepare and file all documentation necessary to secure registration of your mark, and will help you monitor when it’s time to renew.
  • Litigation—We aggressively litigate trademark disputes for parties on either side of an infringement allegation, working from initial complaint through to trial.
  • Protecting your registered trademark—We represent parties on either side of a trademark dispute. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation of the allegedly infringing uses of a mark, and will prepare and file a complaint or other documents in a trademark dispute. We will also be your voice in hearings, meetings and other proceedings to resolve infringement actions.
  • Trademark licensing—We have extensive experience handling licensing issues related to intellectual property. We know the types of provisions that are essential to fully protect your rights and can get involved at any point, from the negotiation of terms to the review or preparation of licensing contracts.