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Patents and trademarks are like a private security detail for entrepreneurs and businesses, acting as a shield against imitation.

A patent grants you the exclusive right to your creation, preventing others from copying, selling, or using it without your permission. Exclusive rights keep you ahead of your competitors and open new revenue streams through licensing.

A trademark is the signature for your brand. Think about how you recognize your favorite products just by their logos or names. That’s the power of trademarks. Trademarks make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace and prevent others from using similar names or symbols that could confuse customers and harm your brand’s image.

However, given that hundreds of thousands of patents and trademarks are granted in the U.S. each year, it’s equally important to be defensive. Intellectual property due diligence assures you that your ideas, products, and brand ideas won’t infringe on existing patents and trademarks held by others. It’s like a map to show you HOW to navigate a route without taking any unexpected and (very) unpleasant detours.

To maximize the value of your intellectual property, don’t fly solo. Collaborate with an IP team that merges legal expertise and skill with technological insight to safeguard your ideas and propel your business growth.

David and his team at BOAG LAW PLLC are a specialized law firm that focuses on intellectual property matters, providing expert legal counsel in patent and trademark law. From our base in New York City, we help clients nationwide and around the world.

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What We Bring to the Table

Different Kind of Intellectual Property Law Firm

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Over the years, we have protected IP rights for small business owners, corporations, and entrepreneurs in New York and across the United States. Our law firm recognizes the rapid pace at which new technologies are introduced to the market and the need for legal protection. When you work with us, you get access to a big firm’s experience, skills, and knowledge, along with that personalized touch only a boutique IP practice can provide.

BOAG Law is different from the typical IP firm. We understand that intellectual property law is an ever-changing field, which is why our team stays up to date with the latest rulings and regulations to protect your assets. When you need legal counsel for your patents, copyrights, and trademarks, we are the team for you.
From patent applications to M&A due diligence, we work on a fixed fee basis, meaning you will never have any surprises with your bill. Along with that, we do offer hourly rates and take a few cases on a contingency basis.


We Provide Intellectual Property
Legal Services Across the Country

Benefits of Working With BOAG Law

Nationwide Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Litigation

BOAG Law counsels clients in copyright, trademark, and patent law nationwide. We can give your IP the protections and enforcement that it deserves in all 50 states.


When you have valuable intellectual property assets, you need to protect them under the law. With these protections, you can have a competitive edge in the marketplace and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Many businesses use their IP to generate revenue through license agreements and other arrangements.

Working with an IP attorney gives you legal guidance and advice on properly protecting your assets. These legal professionals will help file trademark and patent applications, negotiate licensing agreements, enforce your existing intellectual property rights, and provide M&A due diligence.

While you can file a trademark or patent application on your own, you should consider working with a skilled IP lawyer. These filing processes are often complex, with one mistake delaying or denying the application. With assistance from an IP attorney, your application will be accurate, complete, and properly filed with the USPTO.

Once you have discovered that someone is illegally using your IP assets, it is time to contact an IP attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer will assess your situation, determine the right legal approach, and take action against the infringing party. An attorney can often resolve these issues through IP dispute resolutions as well.

These protections depend on the type of intellectual property. Trademarks can last for an infinite amount of time with renewals, while patents are protected for around 20 years. Copyright protection continues throughout the life of the creator plus an additional amount of time, depending on the circumstances.


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