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Intellectual property refers to the creations of the mind, such as literary compositions, artistic works, inventions, names, images, designs, and symbols used in commerce. Creators, authors, and inventors have exclusive rights to control and use their creations through patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

When a company or individual unlawfully uses these products or services for their own benefit, they may have violated established intellectual property protections.

In those situations, it may be time to contact the legal team at BOAG Law. We can assist in protecting your IP through dispute resolution and litigation.

Handling Intellectual Property Disputes

When there is a dispute involving your intellectual property, it may be necessary to exercise your legal rights. Individuals or companies can infringe upon or violate your intellectual property rights when they engage in the following actions:

  • Trade secret misappropriation
  • Copyright, patent, and trademark infringement
  • Unfair competition

In these cases, there could be issues with licensing, ownership, infringement, and misuse of these intellectual property assets. These infringement issues are complex and require working with a legal team that understands how to resolve these cases.

Generally, these disputes are handled in several ways, including:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

Any intellectual property is a valuable asset to an individual or a business. Sometimes, these issues are simple mistakes by an individual or company, while others are caused by those who knowingly use your IP without regard for the laws. No matter the reason, when these IP disputes occur, you need effective legal representation to resolve these issues.

When the above methods for resolving IP disputes are unsuccessful, it could be time to consider litigation.

What Is IP Litigation?

What Is IP Litigation?

Like any other type of litigation, your legal team will file a lawsuit against the offending party in court. These disputes often center around trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. With an infringement case, the holder uses the lawsuit to protect their intellectual property rights and prevent any infringing activity of their creation.

However, some lawsuits are frivolous, as the defendant has the legal right to use intellectual property. In those cases, the party can also file a lawsuit to invalidate the holder’s IP rights as they defend their actions against the infringement allegations.

Whether you are enforcing your existing intellectual property rights or defending yourself against false allegations, you need a skilled IP lawyer who understands the rules and procedures of these cases.

BOAG Law Offers IP Dispute and Litigation Services

At BOAG Law, we handle many IP disputes and lawsuits involving trademark and copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, patent infringement, and unfair competition. Our team at BOAG Law has over a decade of experience in all areas of intellectual property, including resolving disputes of IPs and even taking infringing parties to court. Learn how our legal team can help with your case.

Communication is critical to a successful representation during these disputes and lawsuits. You can arrange a confidential consultation for your IP legal matter by contacting our offices through our website or calling us at 212-203-6651 to schedule an appointment. Our legal team is also available for in-person consultations or via a video conference meeting.